Suicon 2015 – May 9th, Philippines

Suikofans, ready to give back some Suikoden love on its 20th anniversary?


To everyone around the world, Suicon Philippines warmly welcomes you to be part of Suicon 2015 on May 9, 2015 (12 to 7 p.m.) at Rave of Pasig Rainforest Adventure Park in Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines!

Yes, we’re looking at all of you, wonderful stars! If you’re from somewhere far away and dropping by, or maybe from Malaysia or Indonesia and can score some promo tickets, please do join us for a whole day of Suiko-fun! If you’re a local, there’s no reason to miss this event! This year, we’ll be celebrating things Renaissance-fair style with Suikoden 3 as our main theme. We’ll also be opening up a few booths to fill your hands with a ton of merchandise.

Check out what happened during the Pre-Suicon Photo-shoot below! I promise it’ll make your day! Thank you very much to the Hai Yo Masterchef Group.


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