Reuniting the Stars Of Destiny – Interview

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We had a chance to finally catch up with one of the masterminds behind the Suikoden Revival Movement, a group made up of passionate fans of the Suikoden series, an RPG series that Konami has seemingly abandoned in recent years – despite the fact that most people that have played the games hold them in revered status, sometimes even considering them classic JRPGs.

Despite the pleas of their fans, Konami has been very quiet on the subject and the fate of the series lies in question ever since its creator, Yoshitaka Murayama, departed the developer/publisher in 2002 to become a freelance developer. The latest game in the series, Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki (pictured above), has yet to be localized for a Western release, and there are no signs pointing towards this happening.

Without further ado, check out our interview with Chris Holmes from the Suikoden Revival Movement:

Niche Gamer: What is the Suikoden Revival Movement? How did it get started up and where has it led you to? In your words explain what the essence of Suikoden Revival Movement is all about. For the people who haven’t heard of this movement why should they be involved?

Chris Holmes: The SRM started after a group of Suikoden fans, including myself, had been actively campaigning for the future of the Suikoden series. We had been campaigning and researching for well over a year. As our movement grew in popularity, we decided to launch an actual Suikoden Revival Movement page and see how far we could take it. A collective voice is more powerful than individual voices. The SRM is, in essence, the same as the Suikoden games themselves. That is, we are uniting people from all over the world, from different countries and cultures, to fight for a common goal. A goal with near insurmountable odds. But we shall not give up!

If you are a Suikoden fan, then you should be involved in this movement. Even if you think a Suikoden VI is unlikely, we should at least be united in trying re-release the classic games of the series. Suikoden should be as available as possible to the current and future generation of gamers worldwide. If you have not yet played the series, then why not give our Facebook page a like, give the series a try and see if it captures your heart the same why it has captured the hearts of so many others. Making Suikoden more available in the gaming world can attract new fans as well as give people a chance to play the series without them paying insane amounts of money for used copies of the games.

You can read the rest of the interview here

A huge thank you to Chris Gollmer for this interview

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