PSN Suikoden I and II release in PAL regions!

Suikoden and Suikoden II has now been released digitally worldwide!! On February 4th 2015, the games became  available in English in Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand on the Sony Playstation network. We are waiting for confirmation as to whether or not they have been made available in the Philippines. Please let us know.
Things have been hectic here at the SRM. Much like the American release last December, we had a few bugs to contend with as the games rolled out: PS Vitas had severe difficulty installing, downloading and purchasing the games yesterday. However, many have reported to us that these problems are now fixed, and they are happily playing the games on their Vita. If you have further issues, contact Sony Customer support, but also let us know and we will try to help.

Community member Zach Essay attempted to warn us that Suikoden I would not be arriving in Australia and New Zealand for the time being, however, in the bustle we missed the message. You all have our sincerest apologies for failing to forewarn the community of this.

On that subject, the lack of release for Suikoden I in Australia and New Zealand is something we are deeply concerned about. We have reached out to Sony and Konami for comment on the matter, and we will let you know as soon as we have an official statement. However, from our perspective, this does appear to be merely a delay rather than an intentional withholding of the game. That is, we expect the game to be released eventually. We ask for patience as we wait to understand the full situation. Did you know that the person who helped propose the name “Suikoden Revival Movement” is a close friend of ours from New Zealand? We can assure you that we feel for all our friends and members there, and we will not abandon or forget the region.

Also, please remember that PSP support for Suikoden II in North America has returned. The game is now playable on PS3, Vita, PSTV, and PSP. Do not forget to rate the games after your purchase. Tell your friends and family – spread the word!

With these releases, and assuming Aus and NZ follow shortly, our goal of seeing Suikoden and Suikoden II released digitally worldwide is nearly complete. There are only a few glaring exceptions, including India, which we will address shortly. The games are now available on six continents and in more than sixty-five countries around the world.

This has been a phenomenal success, and we cannot thank each and every one of you enough for all your hard work. Few people outside of the Suikoden community thought it was possible for us to achieve anything, but today we have proven beyond any doubt the strength of the Suikoden fanbase. We are unique in our bonds and our love for these games and for one another. We repeat what I said on the eve of the American release: Lonesome, we are powerless. Communicate, and we become strong. Unite, and fate itself bends to our will.

Thank you all,



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