Operation Fire Bringer – April 16th 2015

Want Suikoden III on PSN? Let’s unite!!

On April 16th, we shall be holding a social media campaign – Operation Fire Bringer!!

The purpose of this campaign is to say thank you to both Konami US and Sony US for bringing Suikoden I and II to PSN while we (politely) ask for Suikoden III.

Via Twitter, please do not forget too use the ‪#‎Suikoden3‬ hasthag. We shall also be hitting Konami through Facebook. It is time to bring Suikoden III to the Playstation Network!

In addition, we would like to send a “Thank You!” video compilation to Konami. In order to do this, please send us a small video of yours saying “Thank You” and asking for a Suikoden III release.

You can send the video in English or in your own native language for a nice Suikoden-style touch 😉 You can email us your videos at suikodenrevival@live.com

Operation Fire Bringer! Let’s do this!!


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