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Celsa’s Suikoden Art Work

We’re so excited for the release of Suikoden I & II on the PSN that we can only express it by showcasing a tonne of amazing fan art.Unfortunately, the Konami blog writers are not the most artistic bunch. Fortunately, you Konami fans happen to be pretty brilliant artists! When we discovered Spanish illustrator, Inés Pisonero’s, Suikoden art work we were taken aback by the amazingly accurate character designs and beautiful use of colour. Inés, who goes by the online alias ‘Celsa’, is a massive Suikoden fan so we figured we’d ask her a few questions about her fan art and the games she loves so much.


“Digital Star(tist) of Destiny!”
Celsa’s Suikoden Art Work

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My full name is Inés Pisonero, though I always use the nickname ‘Celsa’ on the internet. I was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1985. I’m an artist, though I’ve only made small stuff up to now. I’ve been working on a comic project for a while now and I’m currently looking for a publisher.

How long have you been a Digital Artist?

I’ve drawn and painted my whole life, and I’ve been into digital media for many years now, probably almost ten years or so.

What tools and programs do you use?

I use an Intuos tablet (from Wacom) and a little program called Paint Tool SAI to paint. For sketching and drawing I still feel more comfortable with paper and pencil.

What made you decide to start drawing Suikoden fan-art?rody_finally_flies___by_celsa-d59tfjf













Haha, well, my love for the Suikoden series of course! It’s always fun to draw the characters you like, and it’s a great way of practicing.

Which piece of fan-art are you most proud of?

Hmm… I think ones I always remember better are the latest ones. I recently re-created a series of memorable Suikoden scenes in comic format but I also have a fond memory of a little doujinshi (fan comic) I made a few years ago, based on Suikoden III, called ‘Dharma’.

Which Suikoden game is your favourite?

Though I think Suikoden II is the best (both as game and in terms of plot) my personal favourite is Suikoden III because of the characters. The multiple points of view gave even more depth, if possible, to them and their relationships.

Which Suikoden character is your favourite to draw?

With so many characters, I have quite a few but I think Luc, the Silverberg brothers, Caesar, and Albert are my top favourites.

Are you planning on drawing more Suikoden fan-art in the future?

I’d always like to draw some, if time allows me to. Right now, I’d like to draw something to celebrate the release of the Suikoden I & II port in EU and USA, if possible.

Are you a fan of any other Konami games or characters?

I’m mostly into RPGs, so I think the only other Konami games I’ve played were the Vandal Hearts series. But I’ve always been curious about the Castlevania series because of Ayami Kojima’s beautiful artwork. Zone of the Enders looked good too but I’m not very good at action games.

Do you plan on drawing any of them in the future?

Well, not right now, but one never knows, haha.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Hmm… in short, I’d say a lot of patience, a lot of practice, enough rest, and study about art in general, even if it seems unrelated to what you do.

If you loved Celsa’s Suikoden fan art then why not visit her DeviantArt or her Pixiv?

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