Konami UK Blog Spotlight – Aisha Ahmed Viki Cosplay


Aisha Ahmed as Viki from Suikoden

With SuikodenSuikoden II‘s recent launch on PSN, the classic RPG franchise is back on everyone’s lips at the moment – and what better way to celebrate than with some Suikoden cosplay! Step forward Aisha Ahmed, who has put together this brilliant portrayal of Viki, a reoccurring character in the series.

Viki possesses the power of the Blinking Rune in the Suikoden games, and with it the power of teleportation. We’re not sure whether Aisha has mastered this particular aspect of being Viki (if so, be sure to teleport in and say “hi” some time Aisha), but the costume is pretty spot on! A big shout-out also goes to photographer Ace Ashun, who took the brilliant snaps of Aisha you see in the below gallery. Keep up the good work, both of you!

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