Konami heritage games survey – let yourself be heard!

Konami Europe launched a survey regarding some of their games which haven’t seen a lot of attention lately – now is your chance to tell them you want more!

The Suikoden Revival Movement has fought a lot in the past few years to get Konami’s attention and to tell them that Suikoden is a trademark which is still valuable today. Last Monday, Konami Europe launched a survey which will help us doing this, called Konami heritage games survey.

This came as a surprise and it seemed unofficial at first, especially given that in early July, the US branch marked a survey about the Metal gear Solid series as unofficial. However, it seems that this was some sort of internal miscommunication as it was launched by the European branch of Konami – as is the survey now at hand.

According to neogaf user akira128, this survey has been started by Konami Europe to show their Japanese HQ that the company should follow their tradition of console based games and that they should invest in their old franchises. We don’t know if this is true, but it’s an interesting thought nonetheless.

In their survey, Konami wants to know about your past experience with some of their IPs, including Suikoden, Castlevania, Vandal Hearts, Bomberman as well as other less-known franchises (of course I want to see Bishi Bashi return!). They ask you what you liked about them, on which gaming device you prefer to play them (mobile, console or PC) and what you wish for these franchises in the future.

But I want ALL of these to return!

But I want ALL of these to return!

This is a big chance for the Suikoden franchise in general. Even though the first three games have been re-released on PSN, we still don’t know about the rest of the PS2 titles. And we haven’t even started talking about re-releases on other platforms such as Steam, GOG, XBOX online or mobile phones – or even full remakes of the games. And, of course, the future of the series: A Suikoden VI.

This is a small, but important stepping stone to all of these goals. So please share this poll with all of your friends, on your blog, in message boards. You can find the poll here: http://mobilesurvey.blicx.com/


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