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Today, we’ll highlight the campaign of the Suikoden Revival Movement.

Ask almost any gamer what their favourite RPG is and more than likely, you’ll hear answers like Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Zelda, Pokémon, and things of that nature. While those are all lovely games and games that I grew up playing, I wouldn’t necessarily say that my favorite really belongs in any of the named series.

My favorite RPG of all time, is a game that goes by the name of Suikoden II. The Suikoden franchise first launched in 1995 with the original Suikoden. What really makes this series really stand out for me, is the story line. The story evolves past the whole “Monster overlord” or “Evil tyrant” or something like that where you run in to emotionless characters and things of that nature.

I remember many parts of the first and the second games where I was in tears due to some of the characters and the pure raw emotion that they display.

The game is a turn based RPG, with a six character party system. One of my favorite things about that, is the fact that you get 108 characters that you can unlock and choose from. Every single character in the game has a unique back story, and they’re all vastly different characters with vastly different play styles.

One of my favorite features about the combat system is the ability to have two characters perform a ‘union attack’, where they get together to do massive amounts of damage to an enemy. Some characters have runes that they can use for added battle effects to make the game even more interesting, as the runes also tie in to the story as well.

Now, with all of that being said. Surely it’s a popular franchise, right? Well, it used to be. As of lately, Konami has sort of ignored the franchise and left it to die out. But, have no fear! About a year ago, I discovered what was called the Suikoden Revival Movement. The SRM is a group of dedicated Suikoden fans who are doing everything that they can muster to get Konami to give Suikoden the attention that it deserves.

As of right now, they’re rocking a solid 17 thousand followers on Facebook. I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Holmes, who is one of the creators of the Revival Movement the other day, and here’s what he had to say about the movement.

What was the spark that made you want to start up the Suikoden Revival Movement?

“Campaigning actually began back in late 2010. Myself and fellow admin Ryan Hughes grew tired of the situation the Genso Suikoden series has now found itself in. We are both members of Suikdoen fan website,, and used to debate a lot on there about the future of the Suikoden series.”

Included is a video of the Suikoden Revival Movment created by Roshambeaux

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Thank you to Chris Dubuc for this interview.

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