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When role-playing fanatics talk about the history of the genre, many will put Final Fantasy at the top of the franchise list. And rightfully so. But for a lot of us, only one acclaimed series can be runner-up, and that’s Suikoden, which debuted on the original PlayStation fifteen years ago and reached Suikoden V on […]

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Kotaku – These Loyal RPG Fans Are Just Looking For Some Hope

There are a lot of disgruntled gamers out there. For every video game series that has been abandoned or mistreated by its creators, there’s a group of fans who want nothing more than to see their favorite titles restored to glory. Americans who love games like Mega Man Legends, Mother, and Valkyria Chronicles are angry. […]

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Extended Interview with Kotaku

This is the original interview I had with Jason Schreier, from, dated 21/04/12. There was quite a few e-mails leading up to this interview but they are probably not worthy of inclusion here. PLEASE NOTE: This interview was before the true birth of the Suikoden Revival Movement, hence the lack of dialogue about the […]

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