Operation Blinking Mirror: A Suikoden Success Story After the controversial announcement of the XboxOne we saw how loud and powerful the collective gamer voice could be. We saw how through sheer will and vocal outcry we were able to change the shape of the console and as such the market itself. The industry trembled that day. People […]

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Interview with Gamesajare (English)

Original interview in Spanish can be found here 1. Lets imagine I’m a Konami CEO, who doesn’t even remember Suikoden, and I ask you ”Why should I concentrate my energy on this Suikoden series instead of soccer games and stealth games which allow players to hide under boxes?” Well, Mr Konami CEO, first of all, […]

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Extended Interview with Kotaku

This is the original interview I had with Jason Schreier, from, dated 21/04/12. There was quite a few e-mails leading up to this interview but they are probably not worthy of inclusion here. PLEASE NOTE: This interview was before the true birth of the Suikoden Revival Movement, hence the lack of dialogue about the […]

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