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Mission Statement

This is the official page for the Suikoden Revival Movement.

Our main aim here is to revive the Genso Suikoden series. We aim to prove that the Suikoden fan base is still large enough, and passionate enough, for Konami not to give up on. An already peculiar and modest series, Genso Suikoden’s popularity has waned in recent years. With rumours that Konami’s ”Suikoden team had been disbanded”, or that the whole Genso Suikoden series had been abandoned entirely, it was a surprise to many of us when Konami announced Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki at Tokyo Game Show 2011. But is this ”new direction” really what is best for the series?

While we are grateful that the Genso Suikoden series is, in fact, not dead – we aim to show Konami that it would be more profitable, and to the benefit of us all, if they continued the Suikoden series based in the same world and timeline originally set out by Yoshitaka Murayama and in the main games I-V.

It is no secret that Konami has mishandled this series that held so much promise. But instead of telling Konami where they went wrong, we aim to work with Konami to revive the older games and the Suikoden franchise as a whole.

Here is a rough check list of what we want to achieve and what you can expect us all to be pushing for in the coming months:

1. Suikoden I and II on PSN and digital distribution worldwide

As a result of years of successful campaigning, Suikoden II was finally released on the US and LATAM PSN during December 2014.

Both Suikoden I and II were released in all PAL and Asian regions on PSN during February 2015.

We also want to include further digital distribution, for example  iOS, Android, Steam, GoG and XBLA.

2. Suikoden III-V on PSN  and digital distribution worldwide

Currently, there are not too many PS2 games on the PSN. Therefore, we feel getting the PS2 Suikoden games on PSN as quickly as possible would be a great way to promote the games and give the series more exposure. It would also mean that European fans can purchase Suikoden III legally, which I’m sure both ourselves and Konami would prefer. Further digital distribution should include Steam and XBLA.

3. Localise Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki outside of Japan

4. Localise the Suikoden Manga/novels outside of Japan

5. To lobby Konami for gGreater and more wide-spread advertising of the Suikoden series.

6. For Konami to distribute various Suikoden merchandise outside of Japan, such as: soundtracks, guides and art books.

7. For Konami to launch an official, English language Suikoden Facebook fan page

Of course, the main goal I’m sure we all want to see here is a main title Suikoden, i.e. Suikoden VI. However, we feel it is more beneficial to revive and promote the older games of the series before we help Konami push for a brand new main title Suikoden.

With each point from the check list that is achieved, I urge that we will all do our utmost to promote and advertise the achievement – and Suikoden as a whole.

Together we can make a difference. Together we can bring back Suikoden. And, together, we can give Suikoden the success that it truly deserves.

“You who follow the Path of Fate…… Heralds who summon the Stars of Destiny. Go forward.”

— Leknaat (Suikoden II)